4 Reasons to Call a Tree Service for Spring Yard Cleanup

Spring is when most people begin venturing outside into their yards to begin cleanup from the winter’s mess. One of the biggest issues during winter storms is branches, leaves and other debris that litters your yard and makes a mess. This spring, give yourself a break by calling in the tree experts to help with your yard cleanup. Here are four good reasons to call in a tree service for your spring outdoor cleanup.

  1. Remove branches and debris. Many tree services offer cleanup services to remove broken branches and debris from your yard. They can remove these pesky branches and haul them away to be recycled.
  2. Inspect your trees. While you are cleaning up your yard from storm damage, now is a good time to inspect trees for storm damage. A tree service can inspect your trees and prune any limbs that may be dangerous when the next storm hits.
  3. Finally remove those old stumps. Do you have old stumps cluttering up your yard? Talk to your local tree service about stumping grinding or removal services to clear out those old stumps, cleaning up the appearance of your yard.
  4. Pruning. Make sure your trees and bushes are pruned correctly with the help of your local tree professionals. They can help make your trees and shrubs look beautiful while protecting their health.

While you have your local tree service available, make sure to have them inspect your trees for signs of disease or insect infestations. They can offer treatments to protect your trees from common diseases and problems, keeping them safe from harm in the summer months to come.

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Three Good Reasons to Remove an Old Stump

Do you have an old stump that’s taking up space in your yard? Maybe you tried using it as a planter or hiding it behind flowers, but while that may work for a year or two, many stumps begin to take on a life of their own after a few seasons. They can begin growing new trees and other plants, taking over your yard. If you’ve been putting off having that old stump removed, here are three good reasons to finally get rid of it this spring:

  1. Free up your yard space. Have you been considering expanding your patio, planting a garden or building a gazebo, yet that old stump is in the way? As long as this protruding object is taking up room in your yard, you’re limited in what you can do with the space.
  2. Make landscaping easier. Tree stumps are a pain when it comes to mowing and landscaping your yard. Stumps tend to attract other plants, making it a constant battle to keep those tree sprouts and vines in check. They also can make mowing a chore, creating an obstacle right in the middle of your lawn.
  3. Aesthetic and curb appeal. An old stump can detract from the beauty of your home and landscaping. If creating curb appeal is important to you, or you just want a cleaner, more attractive yard, it’s time to finally remove that old stump.

Your local tree service professional can give you options for stump removal, giving you back your yard just in time for spring. Stump grinding is an affordable option which can be done in a few hours, getting rid of that old stump for good.

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Get Rid of Old Stumps for the New Year

Do you have old stumps that are still taking up space in your yard? Once a tree is removed, many times the stump is left behind for many years. While many homeowners try to decorate or hide the stump, they can never use that space as long as the stump remains. If you are an owner of an old stump, maybe 2015 is the year to finally get rid of that eyesore! 

Stump Grinding is the Answer

One of the quickest ways to remove that old stump without ruining your landscaping is through stump grinding. This method is used to literally grind down the stump down below of the level of the ground. Tree removal experts use special equipment to grind the stump and the surface roots, leaving a level, stump-free space when they are finished. 

The ground stump can be used as mulch, or hauled away by your tree service company. Once your old stump is gone, you’ll regain control of your yard! You no longer have to mow around the stump or weed around the base; you can add new landscaping or a garden to the space, or even build a new structure. There are no limits on the use of the space, once the old ugly stump is gone. 

When you’re creating your New Year’s resolution list for 2015, make sure to add a stump grinding service to the list. Take back your yard and free up all the wasted space surrounding the old stump. It will make a marked improvement on the beauty of your yard, and give you plenty of mulch to use in the spring.

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Does Your Old Tree Have You Stumped?

Once you finally decide to have a tree removed from your property, there is still one more decision to make: what to do with the leftover tree stump. While there is no harm in leaving the stump, it can detract from your landscape design and overall aesthetics of your yard. It comes down to two choices;  find a way to live with the stump, or have it removed. Here are some ideas for both choices. 

Living With Your Stump

If you decide to keep your stump, consider ways to incorporate in into your yard. You can make the stump into a table for potted plants or a pedestal for a garden statue. Another option is to make the stump into a planter by hollowing it out. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that eventually it may become rotten and need removal. 

Removing Your Old Stump

Most homeowners would prefer that once a tree is removed, the stump is also gone. The most difficult way to remove the stump is to have it physically dug out and pulled from the ground. However, keep in mind that many tree root systems can go very deep and may make digging a less than feasible option. 

The most efficient and cost effective way to remove the exposed part of your stump is through stump grinding. Most professional tree services offer tree grinding services, where they use a grinding machine to mulch the stump into sawdust to below the surface of the ground. Once gone, the area can be planted over while the roots underneath eventually rot and decompose. 

Although you can rent a stump grinder, this equipment is hard to use and can be dangerous when used by inexperienced handlers. For your safety, hire a tree service to quickly and safely grind down your stump in a matter of a few hours.

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Stump Removal

At some point most property owners will either choose to remove a tree from their property or will be forced to remove a dead or dying tree in order to prevent it from falling and damaging the owner’s property.  The removal process is straight forward if the property owner uses a qualified, licensed and insured tree removal service.  

Once the tree is removed a stump will be left that protrudes out of the ground approximately 2”-6”.  These tree stumps, which are unsightly and take years to rot away, prevent the area form being restored into a grass or landscaped area.  Often property owners do not realize that it is possible to remove the tree stump quickly and economically at the same time the tree is removed. 

Once the tree is removed, the tree removal experts will use a specialized piece of equipment to grind away the stump, as well as the trees surface roots. As with any piece of equipment, the professional technicians utilizing the equipment will be trained in the safe operation of the machinery in order to prevent personal injury or property damage.  The company performing the work will also be licensed and insured. 

The stump grinding process is quick, with most stumps being removed within a half a day.  All that is left of the stump at the end of the process is a bunch of wood chips, which will be removed by the professional tree removal company.  After the stump removal process is completed,  the property owner is free to restore the area any way they want!

Get Rid of Unsightly Tree Stumps

As with most of life’s projects, there seems to always be a hard way and an easy way. You can spend a great deal of sweat equity in attempting to remove a tree stump the hard way. Typically, it involves a chainsaw and pick axe to cut at the roots, after digging out all the dirt around them. Once the roots have been disconnected from the stump, attach a heavy chain to the base of the trunk and to your pickup truck; slowly pull forward in your truck until the stump has been dislodged. Okay, surely this is much more work that it sounds! 

If your tree stump has been dead in your yard for a year or more, and you are not in a hurry for its removal, there is an easier and relatively painless way. Cut off as much of the stump as possible; then, with a 1-inch spade bit with a 12-inch extension, drill 1-inch diameter holes around the perimeter of the stump and a few inches back of the edge. Drill more holes at a 45-degree angle, several inches down and around the outside of the rim. Pour three to four ounces of stump remover chemical (potassium nitrate) into each of the holes and then fill them with water. Stump remover can be purchased at most lawn or hardware stores; however, it is ineffective on stumps that have been freshly cut. This solution will speed up the rotting process and, in about four to six weeks, the stump will become spongy; at which time, you can break out the rotten wood with an axe. 

If neither of these methods are appealing, your local tree service professional will be happy to assist you with removing that tree stump.  Most tree services offer stump grinding that will quickly remove unsightly tree stumps.

It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Stump is Gone

Once a tree is cut down and removed, it’s very important to complete the job by removing the tree stump. If left in the ground, a stump can make an unsightly mess of your yard, attract insects and ruin sidewalks and foundations. 

Options for tree stump removal are to dig it up by hand or use a stump grinder. Unfortunately, the former is extremely labor intensive, especially if you are dealing with a very large tree stump. Typically, a stump grinder, a special piece of machinery designed specifically for tree stump removal, is the way to go. 

With a stump grinder, the main root plate is ground below the surface of the lawn, leaving very fine sawdust. If you are replanting or landscaping, it is necessary to grind the roots down at least a foot, while if you are just laying turf, 8 to 10 inches will suffice. The sawdust can be left in the hole, used in the garden or hauled away. Typically, some of the original root remains in the ground, and eventually rots down. 

It’s important to note that stump grinder machinery is dangerous, and while you can rent a grinder and do the job yourself, it is usually not recommended unless you have had some professional training and you take all safety precautions. There have been many injuries to homeowners trying to save a few bucks by attempting to do the job themselves. 

It’s also important to note that not all tree companies, especially smaller ones, do stump grinding because they don’t have the equipment. So, make sure when you have a tree taken down by a tree removal contractor that you ask up front how the tree stumps will be removed. This can avert surprise costs and inconvenience.

Removing Tree Stumps

When you have a tree removed from your yard, the next question is what to do with the stump.  The alternatives range from doing nothing to having the stump mechanically removed by a commercial tree service that does stump grinding.

One easy alternative is to simply let the stump decay.  Once the tree is cut down, the stump and root system will quit growing and die within a few months.  The stump will start to decay and will eventually completely decompose.  This is a good alternative if the stump is in a wooded area, but if it’s in your yard, you will have an unsightly stump for at least a year.  Depending on the size of the stump and the type of tree, the stump could take years to completely decompose. 

Hand digging is a possible way to remove a stump, but except for the smallest stumps, digging out a stump by hand is much more difficult than it looks.  The root system is often extensive and the result is usually a very large hole.  A backhoe would be much easier, but again it leaves a large hole behind. 

The best way to remove a stump is to hire a commercial tree service that handles stump grinding.  A stump grinder can be rented, but they are dangerous and it’s easy to do a lot of damage if you make a mistake.  An experienced stump grinder can quickly and efficiently grind the stump down below ground level, leaving behind a relatively small hole and a compact pile of debris.  Dispose of the debris, fill the hole with clean soil and reseed and you’re all done!