Is it Time to Finally Remove that Old Tree?

Do you have an old or diseased tree that needs removal? While it is easy to put this task off due to the extra cost, you may want to move it to the top of your to-do list. A damaged, diseased or rotten tree can be a hazard that could cost you much more than what a tree service will charge to remove it from your property. Here are a few excellent reasons to schedule a tree service to finally remove that old tree.

  • Property damage. When the next big storm hits, will your old tree stay intact? Whether it is a wind storm or a blizzard, Mother Nature’s wrath can send old trees flying into other objects. Branches can fly through windows or roofs, land on cars and take out fences.
  • Injury. Even worse than property damage is the possibility of injury from your old tree. If it falls on an occupied car or a person walking near it, it could cause serious injury, even a fatality. This puts your family and friends in danger and also puts you at risk for liability of injury.
  • Aesthetics. An old, broken tree is not an appealing object to have in your yard. It will help improve the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home by removing a diseased or dead tree.
  • Firewood for the winter. If you have a wood stove or fireplace, the extra benefit of removing your old tree is that you’ll have plenty of logs for the fire next winter.

Don’t put off removing that old tree any longer. Call your local tree service to finally have it removed for good.

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Cleaning Up Fallen Trees After The Storm

Powerful storms can wreak havoc on the trees on your property. After the storm has finally cleared, you may be left with fallen trees, branches and debris scattered throughout your yard. If you were lucky enough not to have your home or other structures damaged, you still must dispose of debris and often remove fallen trees and the stumps left behind. It also may be time to consider removing trees which may be in danger of falling when the next storm hits. This is a perfect opportunity to call in a professional tree service for storm damage clean-up and to discuss preventative tree removal. 

Professional Tree Clean Up Services

After a big storm, a tree service can not only clear your yard of the branches and debris, remove them and get your yard back to normal, they can also handle the larger jobs as well. Trees or limbs which became damaged or snapped during the storm may need to be cut down and removed, leaving behind stumps with plenty of eyesore potential. After the immediate clean up is done, talk with your tree professional about performing the following services: 

  • Stump grinding. Stump grinding is an efficient way to remove these leftover stumps from fallen trees and create a cleaner, more spacious looking yard.
  • Pruning. Pruning large or dead limbs now that may fall during the next storm can reduce the clean up needed down the road.
  • Tree removal. Discuss potentially dangerous trees which could fall in future storms. Consider  removing them now before they fall, and destroy your home or garage. 

Getting the help of a professional tree service after the storm can not only make the clean-up faster, safer and easier, it can also gives you a chance to prevent future storm damage.

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Trees on the Property Line: Who is Responsible?

While they say good fences make good neighbors, a tree standing on the border between two properties is often the subject of heated debate, especially if the tree causes damage or has the potential to cause damage. Fortunately, the laws are pretty clear on who is responsible for what. 

The laws may differ slightly from state to state, but generally speaking, if a tree is located on your property, you are responsible. Some state and municipal laws further define this, saying if the trunk of the tree is on your property, then you are responsible. You are responsible for the health of the tree and its maintenance. 

However, the maintenance of the tree is sometimes open to discussion. If your neighbor has a large tree with branches hanging over into your yard, you are within your legal rights to trim the branches back to the property line if you wish, and vice versa. And, of course, any tree pruning should be done without causing harm to the tree. 

What if a tree located on your property falls into your neighbor’s yard and causes injury or damage?  The answer to this depends on the reason the tree fell. If it was due to natural causes—a tornado or heavy storm, for example—then the likelihood you’d be held liable is slim. If, on the other hand, the tree fell due to neglect, you very well could be held responsible. 

In any case, it is always a good idea to monitor the health of the trees located on your property and maintain them accordingly with the help of a professional tree service.   It is also a good idea to keep written records of maintenance for proof should a problem ever arise. And if a problem does come up, it is always best to discuss things in a friendly and open manner with your neighbor before taking any action.

Fall Tree Removal And Pruning

The surprise early season snow storm that struck the Northeastern United States is an excellent reminder that falling trees and limbs can be hazardous to people and property.  The heavy snow fall downed thousands of trees and tree limbs killing several people and severely damaging hundreds of homes and cars.

Avoid this problem by having a reputable tree service inspect your property for trees and branches that pose a threat to you and your home.  Now is the time to have these unsafe branches and trees removed before the next snowfall brings them down on your home, your car, or worse, on you or your family.

Trees and branches don’t have to be dead in order to threaten your home.  A tree that leans toward your home or is unbalanced can fall without warning if enough snow accumulates on the tree.  The tree can look healthy and in fact it can even be healthy, yet still pose a hazard.

Recently, two giant redwood trees in a California park fell without warning.  These trees stood for hundreds of years and appeared perfectly healthy, but fell for reasons that have not yet been determined.  In similar cases, trees that have stood for years have fallen when the ground is wetter than usual and a windstorm or snowstorm puts enough pressure on the tree to overcome the root system’s ability to hold the tree in place.

The lesson to take from these redwood trees and the October snowstorm is not to take your trees for granted.  It is better to have your trees examined by a reputable tree service and remove the dangerous trees at your convenience before they fall rather than removing them after they have fallen and injured or killed someone or damaged your home or car.

Insurance Considerations

When you need a tree removed and you are looking for a reputable tree service, one of the most important things to consider is whether the company is adequately insured.  A reputable tree service should have both liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. 

Liability insurance covers any accidents such as the tree falling on your neighbor’s car.  Workers compensation insurance covers any injuries to the crew while they are working on your property.  

Many small tree removal businesses are able to offer low ball prices because they do not carry insurance.  Sometimes these tree services are little more than a guy with a chainsaw.  To be fair, many of these one man operations have years of experience in tree removal.  However, no amount of experience will prevent all accidents.

If you hire a tree service that does not have insurance and an accident happens that results in damage to property or and injures a worker, you would be responsible. Your homeowners insurance might cover these if the tree service did not have insurance, but you would still be responsible for your deductible and also you would have to deal with the hassles of the claims process.

The reality is that tree removal can be dangerous business and sometimes accidents happen.  Don’t let any tree service use your homeowner’s insurance as a substitute for liability and workers compensation insurance.  A reputable tree service will be happy to provide you with proof of insurance.

In addition adequate workers compensation insurance and liability insurance is a good sign that the tree service is a stable, reputable business that plans on staying in business in the foreseeable future.

Stump Grinding

Removing stumps after tree removal is necessary for many different reasons.  Stumps that are left behind in your yard can be unsightly, but also can become dangerous.  Children and adults can unknowingly fall over the stumps and suffer personal injuries, stumps can become havens for bees, wasps and termites, and can take up valuable yard or garden space.

Stumps that are left untreated in your yard will eventually decay.  This process may take years, though, depending on the size of the stump.

The most efficient way to remove stumps after a tree is removed is through stump grinding.  Most professional tree removal services also offer stump grinding.  Professional stump grinding involves applying a machine similar to a chipper to the stump.  This grinding action will chop up the stump, as well as remove the root bed from the stump.  A small pile of wood chips remain after the grinding process.

The entire stump grinding process takes less than 15 minutes for a moderately sized tree.  The tree service may first need to remove larger portions of the stump with a hand held chain saw or ax.  This will depend on the size of the stump.  Most stumps will require grinding to about a foot below ground level.  This hole will be covered with mulch and wood chips, and can easily grow grass or other gardening items soon after.

If you have stumps in your yard that need to be removed, or if you are planning on having some trees removed, contact your local professional tree service.

Atlanta Wind Storms

This past week in metro Atlanta, several tornados were spotted, and high winds were noted throughout the area.  High winds can cause severe damage to trees, tree limbs, and existing structures. 

Even the healthiest of trees cannot withstand sustained high winds.  Branches may break and fall to the ground or on your roof,  or they may break only half way, posing a further danger to your home and individuals in the area.  After every major storm, you should walk your surrounding property looking for loose limbs, fallen branches, and trees that appear structurally damaged.  A loose limb or smaller fallen branches indicates that the tree has suffered damage and needs immediate pruning from a certified arborist and tree expert.

A high enough wind can make any tree fall over.  But even smaller gusts of winds such as those associated with thunderstorms, hail storms, or the occasional winter weather can cause damage to your trees.  Trees that are pruned regularly have a better chance of withstanding storms.  Trees that have lower centers of gravities also tend to withstand storms better. 

In Atlanta, trees with lower centers of gravity include oaks and magnolias.  Crepe myrtles and holly trees also have strong wind resistance.  Trees that are surrounded by other trees are also more likely to survive storms.  Trees such as pines have a higher center of gravity and are more likely to be damaged in a wind or other storm.

If you experienced high winds in your neighborhood this past week and need emergency tree removal, call a certified arborist today.

Tree Removal

There are many different reasons why you may need to have a tree removed.  You could have had an unfortunate lightening strike that damaged a tree, or a wind or ice storm may have passed through the area causing damage to your tree.  Your tree could also be dying from other causes or reasons.

The first step in having trees removed is to hire a professional tree service.  You want to retain the services of a company that has experience in tree removal, and who retain the services of a certified arborist.  Using a company with an arborist will help ensure that trees are removed appropriately and correctly, and allow for other trees to thrive in your lawn.

The American Safety Institute has standards that should be maintained during tree removal.  Prior to hiring a company, ask about the steps they will take to not only provide for the safety of your home, but also to make sure that workers are also safe and protected from falling limbs or trees. 

Find out about removal of the tree and the stump.  Most professional services can do both for you.  If you want to retain the tree (for example, for firewood) determine if this is an option with the tree service.  Some professional services will even split the wood for you, and leave it in a designated area.

Tree removal should not be done by those with no experience.  It can be dangerous, and cause damage to homes, power lines, or individuals.  Trust your tree removal to a professional tree service company.

Hiring a Tree Service

It’s time to have someone look at the trees in your yard.  One or two are tall, and need pruning, or perhaps you think one might be dead.  With winter right around the corner, you need to have any loose limbs removed and dead trees taken care of to save damage to your home.

Your best bet is to hire a certified arborist.  A certified arborist is a professional who specializes in trees and tree care. 

When hiring a tree service, consider the following:

  • Ask if the arborist is certified, and if they are members of professional organizations like the International Society of Arboriculture.  Individuals who are certified are more likely to be current in the latest standards. 
  • Ask to see a copy of the professional liability insurance.  You do not want to be responsible if a tree falls on your home, or a worker is injured when employed by the tree service.
  • Find out if the tree service will obtain the necessary permits and permissions from the county, homeowner’s association, or other municipalities before beginning work.
  • Never be afraid to ask for references.
  • Always ask for an estimate prior to work beginning.

One of the most important things to remember is that the lowest bid is not always the best bid.  Be very cautious of tree services that ‘knock on your door’.  These services are often fly by night organizations, and will be gone before the work is completed.

If you need to have tree work done at your home, contact a reputable local professional tree service company today!