4 Reasons to Call a Tree Service for Spring Yard Cleanup

Spring is when most people begin venturing outside into their yards to begin cleanup from the winter’s mess. One of the biggest issues during winter storms is branches, leaves and other debris that litters your yard and makes a mess. This spring, give yourself a break by calling in the tree experts to help with your yard cleanup. Here are four good reasons to call in a tree service for your spring outdoor cleanup.

  1. Remove branches and debris. Many tree services offer cleanup services to remove broken branches and debris from your yard. They can remove these pesky branches and haul them away to be recycled.
  2. Inspect your trees. While you are cleaning up your yard from storm damage, now is a good time to inspect trees for storm damage. A tree service can inspect your trees and prune any limbs that may be dangerous when the next storm hits.
  3. Finally remove those old stumps. Do you have old stumps cluttering up your yard? Talk to your local tree service about stumping grinding or removal services to clear out those old stumps, cleaning up the appearance of your yard.
  4. Pruning. Make sure your trees and bushes are pruned correctly with the help of your local tree professionals. They can help make your trees and shrubs look beautiful while protecting their health.

While you have your local tree service available, make sure to have them inspect your trees for signs of disease or insect infestations. They can offer treatments to protect your trees from common diseases and problems, keeping them safe from harm in the summer months to come.

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Inspecting Your Trees After a Winter Storm

Winter brings volatile weather and severe storms that can damage your home and property. You may think that once the weather clears after a big storm that the danger has passed but you may have more damage than you know. Although you survived this storm without damage, there may be trees on your property that were injured by the storm, posing a risk in the future. After any big storm, take the time to inspect your trees for possible storm damage.

Winter storms are notorious for bringing down trees, often causing damage to homes, garages and vehicles, even fatally injuring people. But it is not always the current storm that is to blame for the fall. A previous weather occurrence may have damaged the tree to make it ready to fall the next time any wind, snow or ice came its way. In many cases property damage or injuries could have been avoided if the property owner would have inspected their trees after the last big storm.

Once the storm is over, take a walk through your yard and pay close attention to your trees. Are their broken limbs that are hanging precariously among the branches or major damage to the trunk of the tree? Are the roots exposed on any trees, possibly leaning due to soil erosion? These all can be signs of damage to your trees that could cause problems the next time there are high winds or heavy precipitation.

When you notice damage to your trees, call your local tree service. They can remove any dangerous limbs and even entire trees if needed. It is worth the investment to prevent possible damage to your home, or worse, a severe injury to someone in your family.

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Do You Have Dangerous Trees on Your Property?

Every year thousands of trees come crashing down during storms, especially in the volatile winters months, resulting in millions of dollars in home and property damage. While home insurance may cover some of the costs of repairs, it can result in higher premiums for insurance or the company may drop the homeowner for filing a claim. Many of these storm damage issues could have been prevented with the removal of dangerous trees before the storm hit.

Tree Danger Signs

If you have trees on your property that are unhealthy or compromised, they could be in danger of falling during the next big storm. The average cost of storm damage to a home is estimated to be between 1,800-$7,000. It is much more cost effective and convenient to have dangerous trees removed before they cause major damage. Here are some danger signs that a tree may be at risk for falling:

  • Leaning trees, especially those with roots exposed on opposite side of the lean
  • V or U shaped multiple trunks – these types of trees tend to break at the split point even when healthy
  • Dead branches
  • Decay or rot in the trunk
  • Fungus or moss growing on trunk and/or roots

If you have any trees that are showing some danger signs, call your local tree service. They can inspect your trees and determine whether they are a danger of falling. In many cases they may just need pruning or care to bring them back to a healthy, safe state. However, if any do need to be removed, it is much less expensive to have a tree removed than to pay for extensive damage to your home during the next storm.

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Keeping Your Trees Safe from Disease and Insect Infestation

Many trees live hundreds of years without ever succumbing to disease or insect infestation. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Too often young trees will become victim to a fast-spreading disease that can wipe out dozens of trees in the same area just a short period of time. Your trees add beauty, shade and value to your home, so don’t lose them to preventable disease or infestation. Here are a few ways to protect your trees from harm. 

  • Inspect for signs of disease. Although there are many different kinds of tree disease, the signs are often very similar. Regularly inspect the trees on your property for signs that they may be fighting disease. Dead leaves, needles, bark and branches on an otherwise healthy tree can be signs of a disease attacking your tree.
  • Inspect for insect infestation. There are many insects that can bring down a healthy tree. Often they will overtake a tree by laying eggs on their leaves and hurting the trees ability to obtain nutrients. Look for signs of leaves with eggs or blisters on their surface.
  • Contact a local tree service or arborist. The best way to protect your trees is to hire a local tree service for annual tree maintenance. They can inspect your trees, educate you on possible insect problems, common tree diseases in your area and offer preventive treatments to ward off attack. 

There is no reason to lose your beautiful trees when a small amount of preventive care will thwart most diseases and insect infestations. Do your part by keeping a close eye on your trees and having annual tree inspections and treatment through a qualified tree service.

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Spring Tree Clean-up And Maintenance

The winter storms this year have left many homeowners with a big spring mess in their yards. Tree limbs may still be littering your yard, along with other debris which needs to be removed. Spring is the time to clean up this mess and inspect your trees for damage which may have been caused over the hard winter months. By scheduling tree maintenance now, you can protect your home and property from damage due to falling limbs and damaged trees in the future. 

Spring Tree Inspection

Beyond the limbs which may have fallen due to winter storms, there may be more damage to your trees than you realize. Harsh weather and strong winds can cause cracks and other damage to your trees, making them susceptible to the possibility of falling or losing more limbs. Take the time this spring to give your trees a close inspection, looking for: 

  • Leaning trees. Excess moisture and high winds may have damaged the trees root system. A leaning tree could eventually fall, causing extensive damage to your property.
  • Cracked limbs or trunk. Cracks in large limbs or the trunk of a tree are signs of severe damage. It may be necessary to remove these limbs, or the entire tree, before they fall on their own.
  • Hanging branches. Look for branches that are hanging over structures or near power lines. It is better to trim them back now, before they fall during the next big storm.
  • Decay. Check for decay or hollow limbs, which are telltale signs of a weak tree. If the decay is severe, the tree may need to be removed. 

Any sign of damage to your trees is a good reason to call your local tree service company for a tree hazard assessment. Schedule a tree inspection to have any potentially dangerous limbs or trees removed now, before they cause future damage to your property.

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