Recognizing Tree Disease

You spend time caring for your lawn, garden and other landscaping, but are you also taking care of your trees? While roses can quickly be replanted and you can lay new sod on your lawn, your trees take many years to grow to a substantial size, making them much more valuable. Tree disease can wipe out your beautiful trees if it is left unchecked, making it crucial to recognize the early signs before one takes hold.

Tree diseases come in many different types, some slowly affecting the health of your trees, while others quickly can endanger your trees. Depending on the types of trees you own and where you live, you may have several common varieties to fight. Although each disease is different, there are similar signs that can help you recognize there may be a contamination spreading in your yard. Some issues to keep an eye out for:

  • Trees with an abundance of dead branches that have no signs of damage can be a symptom of disease
  • Look for leaves that are spotted or yellowing, often falling prematurely during the summer, as signs of poor tree health
  • Bark that is falling off, trunks with cavities and spots of rotten wood are all possible signs of tree disease

Any of these issues or a combination of two or more are worth a call to your local tree service. Having a professional inspect your trees for disease could save them from further damage. A quick treatment may be all that is needed to stop the progression and spread of the disease, keeping your beautiful trees safely rooted in your yard for many years to come.

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