3 Considerations During an Emergency Tree Removal

If possible, it is always best to proactively remove trees that could be a hazard during a storm. Unhealthy trees are the ones that most likely could come crashing down when foul weather hits. However, even healthy trees can fall, and when they do, you need will need to safely remove the tree as quickly as possible. When you need emergency tree removal, consider these three factors.

  1. Health or condition of the tree. How the tree can be safely removed can depend on the condition of the tree. If the wood is dead or rotten, there is a higher chance portions could break or fall during removal.
  2. Surrounding structures. What structures could be impacted by the removal of a tree? If the tree landed on a structure or right next to one, careful planning will be needed to ensure no further damage is done. Even landscaping should be taken into consideration – you do not want to ruin a retaining wall while trying to remove a fallen tree.
  3. Obstacles or accessibility. Is there room for large equipment to remove the tree or will it need to be taken away in small pieces? How the tree is removed can depend on where it is located on the property.

An experienced tree removal service will take all these factors into consideration before they start. This ensures that the job goes smoothly without any problems during the process. Trying to save money by doing it yourself? You may want to rethink this idea and call in a professional. Unforeseen problems can cause delays and additional damage if the job is not done right from beginning to end.

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