Is it Time to Finally Remove that Old Tree?

Do you have an old or diseased tree that needs removal? While it is easy to put this task off due to the extra cost, you may want to move it to the top of your to-do list. A damaged, diseased or rotten tree can be a hazard that could cost you much more than what a tree service will charge to remove it from your property. Here are a few excellent reasons to schedule a tree service to finally remove that old tree.

  • Property damage. When the next big storm hits, will your old tree stay intact? Whether it is a wind storm or a blizzard, Mother Nature’s wrath can send old trees flying into other objects. Branches can fly through windows or roofs, land on cars and take out fences.
  • Injury. Even worse than property damage is the possibility of injury from your old tree. If it falls on an occupied car or a person walking near it, it could cause serious injury, even a fatality. This puts your family and friends in danger and also puts you at risk for liability of injury.
  • Aesthetics. An old, broken tree is not an appealing object to have in your yard. It will help improve the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home by removing a diseased or dead tree.
  • Firewood for the winter. If you have a wood stove or fireplace, the extra benefit of removing your old tree is that you’ll have plenty of logs for the fire next winter.

Don’t put off removing that old tree any longer. Call your local tree service to finally have it removed for good.

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Damaged Trees: Treatment or Removal?

An established, healthy tree is a thing of great beauty, but a large, damaged tree can be more of a hazard and eyesore. When your trees are damaged by storms, winter weather or trauma, it’s imperative to take appropriate action in order to protect your property. While some damage can be treated and reversed if it’s addressed in a timely manner, a severely affected tree may need to be completely removed in order to avoid the potential for personal injury and property damage. 

Assessing Tree Damage

A professional tree service or arborist will be able to assess the damage to your tree in order to determine whether or not it can be salvaged and returned to good health. Often, an otherwise healthy tree which did not sustain major structural damage can be restored to health if it’s treated soon after a traumatic injury. Should the larger branches of a tree be affected, especially several of them, chances of survival are unfortunately reduced. 

Making the Final Call

Pruning broken damage, repairing torn bark and helping the tree to heal from relatively minor damage can save it in some cases. When damage is severe, the leader has been destroyed or wounds are very large in relation to the overall size of the affected limb, however, the safest course of action may be complete tree removal. Many homeowners lack the highly specific knowledge in order to effectively make this call, so it’s important to contact an arborist or tree service professional in your area to have the tree assessed, then treated or removed for your safety.

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