Are Your Trees at Risk of Falling?

Weak trees can be a danger to both lives and property. Falling trees and limbs are one of the most common causes of damage or injury during a storm. Major storms like hurricanes can cause many trees to fall, especially those that are weakened from disease or other issues. Knowing what to look for can help you determine whether a sick or weak tree should be removed before they become a hazard during a storm.

Signs of Tree Deterioration

When a tree is weak or sick, there are signs to let you know it is in trouble. Leaning trunks or mushrooms growing at the roots can be a sign of weakness or disease. If there are rotted areas on the trunk or branches, or hollowing occurring, this is a serious sign of a weakened tree. Other things to look for are dead branches or leaves/needles that look unhealthy.

If a tree has any signs of poor health or weakness, calling in an arborist can help you determine the level of damage to the tree. In some cases, the tree could regain health with insect or disease treatment. Other times, it may be too late to save the tree or it may need dead limbs removed. It is better to proactively fall a tree or have dead branches pruned away than leave it to fall during the next bug storm.

Trees can become a deadly hazard when they are riddled with disease or weakened from rot. Don’t wait for your tree to fall on its own. Talk to your local arborist or tree service if you see any signs of tree deterioration to prevent damage or injury from a falling tree.

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