Can You Remove Above the Ground Tree Roots?

If you have large trees on your property, you may have some with very long roots, expending ten, twenty feet. In some cases, these roots can become exposed above ground, spoiling your flat lawn or yard. While it may be tempting to cut away these roots, use caution. Cutting tree roots can endanger the tree’s health and put you at risk of having it fall during the next storm.

Tree roots spread out to stabilize the tree and to seek out water and nutrients.  The larger the tree, the bigger and longer the roots will grow. If a large root is removed, it could shock the tree, causing poor health. It can also remove a secure anchor that it needs to withstand a high wind storm. Remove the wrong root and you could have that same tree land on your car, home or garage during the next storm.

If you want to remove above ground tree roots, proceed with caution. It is usually best to attempt this procedure during the winter or early spring. Smaller roots with a diameter of two inches or less can often be cut without causing damage, as long as they are not an extension of a large root. For larger roots, you want to ensure they are far enough away from the tree, but there are other considerations.

To ensure you can safely remove above ground roots, call in your local tree expert. They can evaluate your tree and its roots to determine what roots can be safely removed. They can also perform the extraction for you using professional techniques that will protect your tree from harm.

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