Time to Trim and Prune Your Trees

Once the leaves have fallen from your trees, it is a perfect time to get to work trimming and pruning. Fall is a great time to remove limbs that are showing signs of disease or thin out branches that have become too dense. Before the colder, more volatile weather of winter hits, take the time to give your trees the trimming they need. Here are a few good reasons why:

  • Dead branches and “widow makers” should be removed before a storm hits. Those branches are likely to come loose and fall during a storm, possibly causing injury or property damage.
  • Thinning the crown of the tree can help reduce pest problems. Thick branches can make a safe haven for insects and other pests; reduce the thick branches for increased health.
  • Remove any branches touching your home. Not only do these branches pose a risk for damage during a storm, they give pests access to your house. This includes fungus and mildew that can damage your siding or roof.
  • Pruning can improve the health of your trees while helping monitor their growth. Expert pruning can enhance the shape and beauty of your trees.
  • Improve your view by removing branches that are blocking your line of sight. This includes aesthetic views as well as views of your driveway and other access points to your property for security purposes.

Trimming and pruning trees can benefit your trees and your property, but it should be done by a professional. Removing large limbs can be hazardous and you want to ensure you are not harming your trees accidentally. Call your local tree service to perform your fall pruning for your safety and the health of your trees.

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