Did Your Trees Go Through a Growth Spurt This Year?

It can happen in just one season. Small trees can sprout large branches or skyrocket up in height. It is important for homeowners to keep a close eye on the trees on their property. A small tree can quickly become a hazard, especially when a major storms roll in. These trees can cause extensive property damage as well as injury to your family.

Look for Tree Hazards

As your small trees shoot upward and outward as they grow, there are hazards you should be considering. Look at electrical and other utility lines on or near your property. Are your tree limbs coming close or near these important lines? When tree limbs are young and vulnerable, they are more likely to succumb to high winds and storm damage. Don’t put you and your neighborhood at risk of power outages due to improperly pruned trees.

Before the fall and winter storms hit, take the time to inspect your property. Are there trees that have grown above your utility lines or your roof eves? If so, hiring a professional tree service can save you time and money in the long run. Having branches pruned back or a crown reduction performed can make a large difference in your storm damage in the year to come.

While it may seem a simple endeavor to cut back limbs on your trees, consider the consequences of poor tree pruning. Improperly pruning a tree can stunt its growth and even kill the tree entirely. It is worth the investment to hire a professional tree service that can carefully prune back hazardous limbs and perform crown reductions.

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