4 Reasons to Call a Tree Service for Spring Yard Cleanup

Spring is when most people begin venturing outside into their yards to begin cleanup from the winter’s mess. One of the biggest issues during winter storms is branches, leaves and other debris that litters your yard and makes a mess. This spring, give yourself a break by calling in the tree experts to help with your yard cleanup. Here are four good reasons to call in a tree service for your spring outdoor cleanup.

  1. Remove branches and debris. Many tree services offer cleanup services to remove broken branches and debris from your yard. They can remove these pesky branches and haul them away to be recycled.
  2. Inspect your trees. While you are cleaning up your yard from storm damage, now is a good time to inspect trees for storm damage. A tree service can inspect your trees and prune any limbs that may be dangerous when the next storm hits.
  3. Finally remove those old stumps. Do you have old stumps cluttering up your yard? Talk to your local tree service about stumping grinding or removal services to clear out those old stumps, cleaning up the appearance of your yard.
  4. Pruning. Make sure your trees and bushes are pruned correctly with the help of your local tree professionals. They can help make your trees and shrubs look beautiful while protecting their health.

While you have your local tree service available, make sure to have them inspect your trees for signs of disease or insect infestations. They can offer treatments to protect your trees from common diseases and problems, keeping them safe from harm in the summer months to come.

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