Choosing A Reliable Tree Service

If you have been considering hiring a tree service for pruning, tree removal, disease control or stump grinding, you want to be careful about choosing the right company. Although there are many advertisements for people who claim to be able to provide these services, you want a company which has the experience and correct qualifications to do a professional job. Before hiring anyone to come to your home for tree services, it’s wise to learn the answers to these questions: 

–        Are they licensed and insured? It’s important to hire only tree services which are licensed to perform tree-related tasks, especially tree removal. You also want to check that they are insured. Services performed by tree professionals can be hazardous, both to the workers and to your property, so it is vital they have insurance to cover any injuries or damage that occurs.

–        Are they experienced? Always check to see how long the company has been in business, and whether they have customer reviews or testimonials. You want a tree service with a strong reputation for being honest, reliable and thorough.

–        What services do they offer? Once you find a tree service, you want to know that they can take care of all your tree service needs in the future. Ask whether they offer emergency tree removal, stump grinding, storm clean up, disease control and pruning services.  

A reliable tree service company can help you with a wide variety of services, beyond just removing dead or dying trees. They can help you keep the trees you have in good health, and be there when you need professional help to remove storm debris, or just to prune your trees in the spring. Once you find the right company, keep their number with the list of other professionals you know you can call when you need help with a home service or repair.

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Find A Tree Service Company You Can Trust

The trees on your property are a valuable asset which provide practical benefits and can increase your overall property value. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal, but also shade, windbreaks and privacy. Caring for your trees should be a priority, and often requires the help of a quality tree service company. However, not all tree services are created equal. Before hiring any tree service, you want to ensure they have the knowledge and experience to care for the beautiful trees that add so much value to your property. 

Researching Tree Service Companies

There are many companies which may claim to be tree experts, yet not all have the same qualifications. Just like any professional service, there are reputable companies and others that only claim to have the knowledge and expertise needed to perform the job. Before hiring any tree contractor, consider researching the company to ensure they have these qualities and skills: 

  • Trained arborists. Does the company employ trained arborists, or only self-proclaimed tree experts? You want a company staffed with arborists who have the professional training to know how properly to care for your trees.
  • Licensed and bonded. Tree service often involves removal of trees and limbs, which can be dangerous work. If done incorrectly, a tree could fall in the wrong direction, harming your property and possibly injuring the worker or someone in your family. Companies which are licensed, bonded and insured against any damage or injury are the only businesses you should hire for tree service.
  • Experience. You want a company with a proven track record before hiring them to work with your valuable trees. Ask how long the company has been in business, and for referrals from their existing customers. 

Don’t trust your trees and property to just any company claiming to be tree experts. Do a little research, to make sure the company you hire has the experience, knowledge and proper licenses to do the job right and responsibly.

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How Do I Pick a Good Tree Company?

The whine of a saw or wood chipper is probably one of the most common sounds at this time of year in most residential areas. As homeowners happily go about the busy work of readying yards, vegetable gardens and flower beds for the emergence of spring, this traditional annual right of seasonal passage usually requires some tree work as well. Most would prefer to use a skilled and trusted professional tree service, as pruning can be difficult and dangerous, but how to choose a tree company, out of the half dozen or so that seem to paper your mailbox every spring and fall, remains the question. 

Before calling your local tree service company, check with your neighbors. You’ve been observing the trucks and workers every day as your drive to and from work. How do their trees look? Ask the owners if they were pleased with their service. Check out possible companies with your friends and co-workers. Perhaps someone that you know has hired a tree company recently with whom they were well satisfied. 

Armed with your personal recommendation, research the company on some web sites such as the Better Business Bureau or the Tree Care Industry Association. If they employ an arborist who is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, you can be assured that they’ve had the proper education and field experience to avoid harming your trees. Make sure that the company you choose has the proper licensing for your municipality and, most importantly, that they are fully insured for workers compensation, general liability and property damage. You do not want to be responsible should an accident occur on your property. Finally, get a detailed estimate for the specific work you want performed and ask about guarantees.


Reference Checks

Hiring someone to perform work in your home or yard requires that a mutually beneficial relationship develop.  Ensuring that you are hiring the right person for the right job is the best way to start. 

Never be afraid to ask for references from the tree service or arborist.  Any reputable, professional company will gladly provide a list of several former customers that you may speak with.

Ask for a list of at least three former customers.  Ideally, these should span time, to have a very recent customer, a mid-range customer, and perhaps an older or repeat customer.  Ask for contact information to follow up with these customers.

When you speak with the former customers, identify yourself as someone who is interested in hiring the tree service that this individual used previously.  From there, consider asking the following questions:

  1. Were you satisfied with the service you received?
  2. Would you use this service again?  Why or why not?
  3. What type of service did the arborist perform for you?
  4. Was the estimate a fair reflection of the work done?  Did any ‘hidden’ costs appear after the project was completed? 
  5. Was it easy to work with the tree service and arborist?
  6. Were you pressured into having work done you felt you didn’t need or couldn’t afford?
  7. Did the tree service remove any trash after the job was complete?
  8. Did you have any concerns after the project was done?  If so, was the service and / or arborist responsive to your needs?

You may feel a little awkward asking for references, but a reputable tree service will be happy to provide references.  They worked hard to earn their reputation are glad to let their satisfied customers share their experience with you.

Hiring a Tree Service

It’s time to have someone look at the trees in your yard.  One or two are tall, and need pruning, or perhaps you think one might be dead.  With winter right around the corner, you need to have any loose limbs removed and dead trees taken care of to save damage to your home.

Your best bet is to hire a certified arborist.  A certified arborist is a professional who specializes in trees and tree care. 

When hiring a tree service, consider the following:

  • Ask if the arborist is certified, and if they are members of professional organizations like the International Society of Arboriculture.  Individuals who are certified are more likely to be current in the latest standards. 
  • Ask to see a copy of the professional liability insurance.  You do not want to be responsible if a tree falls on your home, or a worker is injured when employed by the tree service.
  • Find out if the tree service will obtain the necessary permits and permissions from the county, homeowner’s association, or other municipalities before beginning work.
  • Never be afraid to ask for references.
  • Always ask for an estimate prior to work beginning.

One of the most important things to remember is that the lowest bid is not always the best bid.  Be very cautious of tree services that ‘knock on your door’.  These services are often fly by night organizations, and will be gone before the work is completed.

If you need to have tree work done at your home, contact a reputable local professional tree service company today!