Are Your Trees Vaccinated From Disease?

We use vaccinations to keep our bodies, and those of our families protected from dangerous diseases. We even vaccinate our pets to them healthy and free from illness. Did you know that you can offer similar protection for your beautiful trees? Your trees are an important part of your home and property; they offer energy-saving shade, uncompromising beauty and can even contribute to the overall value of your home. Why not make them last for many more decades by keeping them safe from disease? 

Annual Tree Treatments

Unfortunately, there are no lifetime vaccinations for trees like there are for humans. Just like our pets, our trees need annual treatments to keep common diseases which plague trees at bay. The range of diseases is vast for trees, so choosing a vaccination plan will depend upon the types of trees you have, where you live and what diseases and insects are common in your area. Some important facts about tree disease prevention include: 

  • Prevention not a cure. There are some types of diseases which cannot be cured, only prevented. Your local tree service can inspect your trees to ensure they are healthy, then use preventative treatments to keep fungal infestations and diseases from harming your trees.
  • Healthy trees. One of the best ways to prevent tree disease is to keep your trees healthy. Talk to your local tree service or arborist about the best methods to keep your trees healthy.
  • Treat all your trees. Like any contagious diseases, tree diseases spread quickly from one tree to another. It is important to have all your trees treated to ensure none of the trees becomes infected. 

Your local tree service can discuss what treatments are best for your particular trees and region. Prevention, as they say, is worth a pound of cure, especially when curing many tree diseases is not even an option.

Posted on behalf of BAM Tree Experts

Tree Removal

There are many different reasons why you may need to have a tree removed.  You could have had an unfortunate lightening strike that damaged a tree, or a wind or ice storm may have passed through the area causing damage to your tree.  Your tree could also be dying from other causes or reasons.

The first step in having trees removed is to hire a professional tree service.  You want to retain the services of a company that has experience in tree removal, and who retain the services of a certified arborist.  Using a company with an arborist will help ensure that trees are removed appropriately and correctly, and allow for other trees to thrive in your lawn.

The American Safety Institute has standards that should be maintained during tree removal.  Prior to hiring a company, ask about the steps they will take to not only provide for the safety of your home, but also to make sure that workers are also safe and protected from falling limbs or trees. 

Find out about removal of the tree and the stump.  Most professional services can do both for you.  If you want to retain the tree (for example, for firewood) determine if this is an option with the tree service.  Some professional services will even split the wood for you, and leave it in a designated area.

Tree removal should not be done by those with no experience.  It can be dangerous, and cause damage to homes, power lines, or individuals.  Trust your tree removal to a professional tree service company.